Kal-El, alias Superman, is an alien, and one of, if not the most recognizable super-hero ever.


Kal-El was rocketed to Earth as an infant from the doomed planet Krypton. He was discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent on Earth, and the Kents raised him to adulthood. He adopted the name 'Clark Kent' and became a journalist in the city of Metropolis, and works at the Daily Planet. He used his Kryptonian powers to become Superman.

Meeting Batman

Superman eventually encountered Batman, and they had a misunderstanding. This led to an unwarranted fight, but the two heroes worked it out. (LEGO Batman v Superman: Dawn of More Movies)


Superman came across some tall, white towers sprouting up in the city. Superman tried to slow them down, and broke one of them. Etrigan, who was aware of the nature of the towers, saw this and attacked Superman. After a long, property damaging fight, Etrigan told the Man of Steel that the towers were actually humans, who had been converted by the first tower. Etrigan then told Superman that he thought he had a way of stopping them. (LEGO Superman VS Etrigan)

Meeting Billy Batson

Superman was seen sitting on a bench next to Batman when Billy Batson walked by them. Billy didn't pay them any attention. Batman looked at Superman and shrugged. (LEGO Worlds Collide Prelude: SHAZAM!)

Powers and abilities

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