The Horror in Giddings is a 2013-17 horror/adventure film series made in collaboration between BrothersWaughStudios and Watson Films.

YouTube Summary

A series of chilling horror films that records one town's struggle against the unknown.


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  • The first film was made in Summer, 2013, and it was shot on location in Michigan. The final film was shot on location in Michigan as well, in Summer of 2017.
  • The series' main setting is the town of Giddings, Michigan. Giddings is an actual place in Michigan.

Running Gags

  • There is a new Mayor Archibald every film, and the previous Mayor Archibald always dies in the film he is in. Mayor Archibald is always played by andymwat.
  • There is always a WW News scene, and the anchorman is always named William Watson. William Watson is always played by joespamsmith.
  • There is always a golf-cart used in every film.


  • The Horror in Giddings 2-3 mainly focus around a squad of troops going into the forest to kill the monster, and they all get killed by the monster.
  • In The Horror in Giddings (first film), The Monster's cloak was navy blue. In the rest of the films however, The Monster's cloak is red.
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